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The Connect Agency team have been blazing the trail for lifestyle, family, entertainment, and food brands from across the globe for more than two decades.

Creating an effective PR campaign for your brand takes a lot more than press releases. Our approach is a strategic blend of content, channels, and experiences, doing what it takes to ensure your brand captures attention and cultivates a vibrant community of dedicated followers.

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  • Our media relations campaigns are targeted and effective. We use our decades of experience and connections to construct your brand narrative and secure media coverage for your brand.  We develop strategies to get the attention of your media targets and audiences. From product announcements, reviews, celebrity led campaigns, news stories and expert led commentary – we will build winning strategies to generate the most exposure. 

  • Integrated Influencer Expertise Positioning your brand on the right platform, in front of the right audience, is crucial for effective communication. Our Influencer Marketing service can stand alone or be seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive PR campaign. Whether your objectives involve user-generated content, enhanced visibility, increased brand reach and engagement across all digital channels, or the creation of digital advertising content, our team is well-versed in the latest trends and Influencers making waves across all pivotal platforms. 

  • Choosing a personality as the face of your brand isn’t just about how famous they are. We’ll help you partner with celebrities who have the right profile and an authentic passion for your brand.   Whether you are wanting to partner with a celebrity for a PR campaign, content development or advertising campaign, we will deliver you a range of recommendations, negotiate and manage the partnership end to end.

  • Knowing how to stop a scroll-happy audience in their tracks is essential. We’ve got the strategies and content to grab and keep their attention.  Our social media management services includes content planning, posting & community management & content development. 

  • When your goal is to create an exceptional experience that authentically represents your brand, we have the expertise to turn it into a day or night to be remembered. Our expert team takes care of every detail, from the inception of your event concept to budgeting and hands-on event management.

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