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Our task was clear: find a suitable celebrity ambassador capable of sharing the captivating stories of Australia’s premier butchers while effectively guiding consumers to their local butcher shops to purchase quality Australian Beef & Lamb. Our strategic choice was Media Personality, Journalist, and esteemed Celebrity Mum, Jessica Rowe, who we successfully secured as the ambassador for our campaign.
Often humorously referred to as the “Crap Housewife,” and her extensive background in journalism, Jessica Rowe’s likeable personality and unparalleled professionalism made her exceptionally qualified to share the stories of our featured butchers but also to offer relatable insights into preparing easy, delicious meals with Australian Beef & Lamb, courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood butcher.
Over three strategically executed campaigns, we embarked on a nationwide journey, spotlighting the stories of some of Australia’s most exceptional butchers. Our efforts resulted in widespread national media coverage, encompassing impactful television appearances, prominent features in leading print and digital publications, and coveted spots in Australian Woman’s Weekly magazine. But our ambitions didn’t cease there! We acquired radio broadcasting, launched an exclusive VIP media event at Sydney’s upscale Pier One hotel, and orchestrated not one but two Influencer-led culinary events at Vive Cooking School in Sydney.
Our longer-term, purposeful strategy resulted in the expansion of our campaign’s reach, an impeccably clear conveyance of our core messages, and content that ensures our client’s digital channels remain engaging for years to come.

Meat & Livestock Australia – Butcher Channel




Meat & Livestock Australia – Butcher Channel

Meat & Livestock Australia – Butcher Channel

Media Relations, Event Management and Influencer Marketing

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