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Steph Pase is the powerhouse mum of two behind the successful website ‘Just Another Mummy Blog’, with over 250K @justanothermummyblog Instagram followers, her own You Tube channel and is the owner of the successful business Steph Pase Planners.
Steph first stepped onto the social scene by empowering the households of many to re-organise their homes, launching the popular and viral term of #Stephing. It wasn’t long before her platform Just Another Mummy Blog grew, and she now has a loyal Australian following. From there, Steph Pase Planners was born.
Steph believes its crucial to keep your life organised in order to stay mentally and physically healthy -  from cleaning schedules (her technique is do a little section each day of the week instead of burdening yourself with the entire house) meal planning, daily activity plans for the kids, exercise schedules, planning budgets, scheduling self-care, revisiting goals and refining habits.
You can check out all sides of Steph from interior styling, business, health, beauty, fitness, mental well-being, mum life, recipes and organisation on her website Just Another Mummy Blog.




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