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Tell us about yourself and your role at The Connect Agency

My name is Mia, and I’m in an Account Executive role at Connect (and I love it!). I started at The Connect Agency in 2020 as a team assistant doing everything from campaign reporting, social media scheduling (IYKYK!! 😅) to PR send-outs. I then grew to learn the influencer space and started working on influencer campaigns as it’s right up my alley.

My role now includes both influencer and media campaigns, with my day-to-day schedule always looking very different (PR life!). My day includes anything from creating bespoke influencer recommendations for clients, writing content for clients, to social media content brainstorming and planning. I am also studying Strategic Communications at UTS part-time alongside my role.

What brands and talent are you currently working with?

I have a very diverse array of clients and I love it! It keeps life interesting! Talent I am currently working with include TV host Osher Günsberg, on the promotion of his new LIVE satirical news show (which is hilarious btw! definitely worth going to see!) and organisational queen Steph Pase, who has the most amazing planners and journals and is just an all-rounder powerhouse mamma.

Some other clients I am working with include the amazing kids educational program, Code Camp, online tutoring program Cluey Learning and Global Toy Brand MGA Entertainment, specifically their brands Rainbow High and Little Tikes. I have also worked with kids TV shows such as Dino Ranch and Karma’s World!

What changes in the industry have you noticed since starting your PR career?

Even though I am only at the beginning of my career in PR, I have already seen the media landscape change so much! Since that period of our lives that shall not be named (COVID😭), I have seen PR become much more dialled in on digital and social media, as opposed to print and TV media, as this is where many of the eyeballs are these days!

What is a campaign you are proud of?

Hmm … a highlight of my career so far has been working with Code Camp – they were one of my first clients and hold a special place in my heart. I also love what they stand for and the way they are empowering young minds and equipping them with the skills to change the world. Every campaign that we have done with Code Camp has been so rewarding!

Another highlight would have to be having had the opportunity to work on MLA’s (Meat and Livestock Association) Aussie Beef Campaign with the fabulous Jess Rowe! I was totally in my element working with all of the foodie influencers that were involved with this campaign.

What keeps you busy when you aren’t working with Connect?

When I’m not at Connect, you will most likely find me at the beach, shopping, brunching, baking or hiking! I LOVE all things creative too!

Tell us something about yourself that we may not know?

I started my own sustainable, made-to-order fashion label, ‘This is Lemim’ and ran this from 2020-2021 (shameless plug 🤣). I love little passion projects where I get to use my PR skills alongside other creative skills to bring something to life.

What makes you tear your hair out in the world of PR and influencing?

THE FACEBOOK, TIKTOK AND INSTAGRAM ALGORITHMS. Argh! No words for how frustrating the algorithms are. They are constantly changing and evolving! It keeps you on your toes – that’s for sure!

With the world of influencing being a specialty of yours, do you have any tips for brands or emerging influencers on lookouts or how to ensure a successful collaboration?

My tips for emerging influencers would be to keep on top of the social media algorithms. The algorithms are different for each platform, for example TikTok rewards creators that post five to ten times a day, whereas Instagram is more concerned about the kind of content you are posting. For instance, in 2022, they were hyper-focussed on video/IG reels content. However, this year they have announced they will be re-focussing on static/photo content. Having this knowledge is key to getting in front of your desired audience!

What do you love most about your work?

I love how diverse my work is! It’s never boring and there’s always something new and exciting happening at Connect! I especially love being involved in PR events, as I love how they bring people together for some fun.

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