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At The Connect Agency, we have a knack for executing unforgettable events, and we're pretty darn good at it (if we may say so ourselves!)! So, what's our secret? Whether it's an event, a star-studded PR campaign, or a dynamic influencer marketing strategy, the answer always comes down to one thing: objectives.

Let's be clear; there's no one-size-fits-all formula here. In fact, it's rare for us to give the green light for an event. Recently, we were approached by a luxury brand, eager for us to curate a brand launch event for them and we made the bold choice to decline. Why? Because we firmly believe that success hinges on aligning strategies with objectives, and in this case, the stars just didn't align.

We love curating events, which is why our approach is a laser-focused one. We prioritise objectives, budgets, and most importantly, the audience, to determine if an event is the right path for a brand. In the case of Trolls, we knew we’d hit the jackpot! With the franchise's third film on the horizon, our thriving influencer network who adore events (and Trolls!), and over 165 products to showcase and bring to life for the licensees, our recommendation was that an event was definitely the way to go!

This time, though our home base is in Sydney, we had a hunch Melbourne was the place to be. It was uncharted territory for us, so we saw it as a golden opportunity to engage with new audiences. We wanted to give our Melbourne creator talent a chance to meet the iconic Poppy & Branch and experience the Trolls consumer products as they hit the shelves for the first time. Our mission was crystal clear: create a captivating Trolls experience with Instagram-worthy photo opportunities. We aimed to generate bright, fun content that would have social media buzzing with FOMO for weeks and months to come.

To bring this vision to life, we teamed up with Melbourne-based event stylists, Lenzo Events. In them, we found not only fantastic suppliers but also an incredible agency partner who shared our passion for creating magic.

The result? A Troll-tastic event for creators and kids alike, bursting with content opportunities at every corner! From our GLAM Bar to product displays, activity zones to delicious food, and character meet and greets! We had over 100 creators and celebrities in attendance and some incredible content captured. So far, our reach has soared past 3 million and is still climbing. We receive daily DMs from influencers begging to collaborate with us, and Trolls enthusiasts clamouring for product in exchange for a post. They just can't get enough, and we're endlessly grateful for their support!

So, circling back to my original question: What makes an event successful? First and foremost, it's about clarity of objectives. Next, it's about understanding your guests and audience, then crafting an experience that's irresistible to them. The logistics matter too - an easily accessible venue, delicious food options, and ample natural light. And, of course, never underestimate the importance of capturing content at every turn. An event should be more than a fleeting moment; it should be an investment in content that can live on through your socials, blog, and website in the weeks and months ahead.

Curious to know if an event is the right move for your brand? Wondering about the ideal strategy? Book a free consultation with us today - we'd love to chat, and together, we can unlock the magic of your next successful event!

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