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By Meisha Strykovski, Creative Director

Nowadays, more than ever, businesses need to have a strong brand identity. This is a blend of stylistic elements and a consistent company voice – basically a business personality. The identity needs to be cohesive with its online choice of imagery, promotional literature, general content, advertising, logos and through any other way the business’s messages are conveyed to consumers.

When deciding upon a brand aesthetic keep the following in mind:

Look at other business’s online presence

Checking out what others are doing is always a great starting point. Look up websites and social media accounts of businesses similar to yours, but also of businesses in other fields. You need to understand as widely as possible what other companies are doing.

Identify your own business personality

Understanding your products and services and the types of customers you’re trying to attract is key. Does your product elicit a sense of fun, or is it something more serious? This will determine what kinds of colours, fonts, posts and content you should be focussing on. Do you go for a bright and colourful look or something more dark and moody? Ask friends, family and colleagues for advice and workshop a few ideas until you’re clear.

Create a moodboard

Moodboards are really helpful tools which can get your creativity flowing. Pinterest is a good source for this as are magazines. Compile your own moodboard by compiling an array of colours, fonts, patterns and textures which you feel will resonate with your product and customers. The same choices of fonts, written tone etc should then be applied across the board in all your online applications.

Monitor the consistency of others

Look at what similar companies are doing and ascertain whether they are following a pattern, the type of content they are posting and how often. For Instagram or Facebook posting consider writing out a plan of how often to post and with what kind of images. There’s no point in going gung-ho initially only to run out of material down the track! Customers want to see a consistent level of activity. There’s nothing more disheartening than going on a business’s social media page only to see that a company hasn’t posted anything for a year.

Be creative with content

Content is king, so think about the content that speaks to the heart of your customers and no one else. You’ll create maximum impact with that one article, video, photo or caption that hits home. You want to be posting the type of content that makes people comment, share and double tap and ultimately gets as many people thinking about your business.

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