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Updated: Jun 22, 2020

By Megan Rose, Managing Director

With the worldwide COVID-19 health crisis escalating, the threat of job losses and Australia heading towards lockdown, now is a scary time for everyone – both from a health and economic perspective.

Staying positive and focussing on making it through to ‘the other side’ is a must. Now more than ever businesses need to continue to drive brand awareness and engagement – so don’t give up! Think hard about how you can add value to people’s lives and make things easier for them.

So how do you go about that?

1 Know your objectives

Firstly, identify what your objectives are, who you are talking to and where you can find your target market. Work on developing each aspect of your brand personality including visuals, aesthetics and copy tone.

2 Devise an effective content plan

Develop a strong content plan with copy that can be used across various channels from placement with digital media, sharing blogs on your websites, sending out eDMs and posts on social media. The content should encompass words, video and creative assets.

3 Focus on delivering benefits through social media

When budgets are tight, you need to make sure you use technology to the full. Building your brand and driving consumer engagement takes more than the occasional giveaway or media article. With events hosting more than 500 people currently off the table, that could also impact publicity outreach for some companies.

Now is an opportune time for businesses to really get to grips with social media and ramp up their websites, Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn and other channels. Think about how you could step things up a notch – for example, would it be worthwhile doing an influencer collaboration? Think outside the square.

4 Multiple channels equals maximum cut through

Of course, the whole point of an event is to ensure your client’s message resonates. It’s essential that your guests know why they are there. Rather than just seeing or trialling a product at an event, think about what can they take away in terms of meaningful content or lessons learnt. To maximise your investment also just as important as getting the event right is getting your amplification strategy right, so the event can live on for weeks and months ahead. We always ensure the event budget allows for professional video and photography – capturing content that can ensure your event and campaign messages live on beyond the day. Also ensuring we have industry tastemakers, celebrities or influencers at the event that can create and share content is also a consideration.

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